A self-taught designer with a background in computer science.

I see things, I notice things. I everyday saw my professor struggling to get the correct switch to turn on the lights in our classroom because all the switches were white. I would have designed it differently and alteast put a label on that.

I want my design to be accessible and equity focused. I want my product to be used by everyone, and I mean everyone. Whether you are a 6 year old child or a 60 year old woman, I want the product to be simple and easy to use for both of them.

As a designer with a background in computer science, I love embracing the technicalities that make it happens. I strive to create impactful experiences, and to design realistically by being comfortable with complex constraints.

I also love hosting and public speaking. I was president of Toastmasters public speaking club where I learned a lot and gave a lot of speeches.

I am from Nepal. I’m always excited to meet new faces and hear new stories, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.